It’s painful. No matter the circumstances, it is an emotionally exhausting process. We know this because we do it every day. But we can help you manage your way through it by breaking it down into steps and accomplishing those steps one at a time.

We have helped hundreds of clients through the divorce process. Some divorces are simple, some are complex, and there are many details to consider. A divorce can include issues related to children and those which are linked to money and financial security. We will help you plan for issues down the road – all of those little things that you don’t realize could happen…until they do happen. And then we will continue to help you with those details that arise once the divorce is finalized.

Regardless of the type of case, we recognize that your divorce is important to you. It is your only chance to have it done right. Given the tremendous power of a judge in Family Court, we give every case the attention that it deserves. Whether you are new to Louisville or have lived here for years, we can help.