14 Feb A Valentine’s Day Playlist from Your Divorce Lawyer

Valentine’s Day sometimes brings more heartache than heart-shaped candy boxes. But we’re here to let you know you’re not alone. We’ve made you a playlist of our top 20 songs to help you through the heartbreak this year.  Click to listen on Spotify, view the whole...

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a man sits on a horse with the reins looped in his hand. the sun is setting bright behind him so he is in silhouette.

02 Feb Court of Appeals Round Up

Lawyers, Lies, and Losses at the Kentucky Court of Appeals It was a light week up at the Court of Appeals. Only 3 family court cases, and none of them reported. If there is a week to skim the Round Up, this is it. Unless you’re...

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A man swings a lasso in a dry desert or mountain scene. The image is in black and white so it looks as if the ground is snowy.

26 Jan Court of Appeals Round Up

After a slow winter, the Court of Appeals has cranked up the production. There are a number of cases worth noting. Without further ado, here is the weekly Round Up: Monroe v. Wright, 2022-CA-001254 A fascinating case out of the Jefferson Family Court that practitioners will want...

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19 Jan Welcome to the Court of Appeals Round Up!

Each week, the Kentucky Court of Appeals releases their Opinions every week on Friday mornings. The staff here at Helmers + Associates waits with bated breath for these opinions each week. We have decided to make the internal Round Up available for public consumption for...

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08 Jun What we believe.

At Helmers+Associates, we are unabashedly anti-racist. We continue to be committed to fighting for fair and equal treatment of all races by our legal system. We stand firmly with the Black community in its fight to overcome the historic injustices it has suffered, and we pledge to...

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14 Apr The Fine Print on Those Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Congress has passed a much-needed stimulus package; however, they failed to consult experts in divorce and family law.  The package is designed to boost the economy, but it doesn't take into consideration the fact that not every family has two parents and their children living under...

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