08 Jun What we believe.

At Helmers+Associates, we are unabashedly anti-racist. We continue to be committed to fighting for fair and equal treatment of all races by our legal system. We stand firmly with the Black community in its fight to overcome the historic injustices it has suffered, and we pledge to...

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a man on a horse swinging a lasso above his head

30 May Take Notes on this Trifecta of Court of Appeals Cases

A trifecta of huge Family Court cases from the Kentucky Court of Appeals this week. Although they were all “unreported,” they are blockbusters. (The Round Up wonders who is making the decision on publication of cases. Is it just random?)  Without further ado, let’s go...

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Horses racing at the 150th Kentucky Derby

16 May Horse Races and Round Ups

The first Friday in May is the Kentucky Oaks race day. Louisville dockets are typically light, and local schools are closed. Kentuckians are having brunch and getting the mint julep fixings from local liquor vendors. Despite all of that, it was business as usual for...

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a old newspaper ad for a double barrelled shotgun

25 Apr Double-Barrelled Court of Appeals Round Up

This Round-Up is double-barrelled with highlights from the minutes of the Court of Appeals from April 12 and April 19. Tune back in tomorrow for another Round Up post! April 12 Jaswinder Singh v. Harvinder Kaur, 2022-CA-0855 In an appeal from Daviess County, the Court of Appeals affirmed...

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