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14 Apr The Fine Print on Those Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Congress has passed a much-needed stimulus package; however, they failed to consult experts in divorce and family law.  The package is designed to boost the economy, but it doesn't take into consideration the fact that not every family has two parents and their children living under...

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31 Mar Law in the Time of Corona

Life has changed.  But conflict has not. In the world of family law, we are the business of helping people navigate conflict. We at Helmers+Associates are still here and will continue to be throughout this crisis. The courts are largely closed. They are still hearing some emergencies,...

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27 Apr Kentucky Enacts Major Change in Custody Laws

On April 26, 2018, Governor Matt Bevin signed a law which significantly changed the laws related to child custody determination. Amid the conflict on other political issues, this legislation flew below the radar. The new law creates a presumption of joint custody and equal parenting...

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25 Aug Sunlight on the Dark Side of Foster Care

In the first open proceeding under Senate Bill 40, a new Kentucky law, the Jefferson County Family Court heard arguments about children mired in foster care this week. Wednesday, Judge Judith K. Bartholomew scheduled an evidentiary hearing for September 28, 2016, at 11 a.m. to...

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26 Feb Social Media & Divorce – A Lot to Dislike

You’re not gonna  this… We don’t like to scare our clients, but sometimes hard truth wakes us up. Think your social media world is private just because you’ve unfriended your estranged spouse? Think again. If you find yourself in the midst of divorce or custody litigation, anything you...

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