06 May There Would Be No Adoptions Without…


Sunday is Mother’s Day, as you’ve probably already been reminded via tv, radio, billboards, grocery stores, etc. What you may not know is that Saturday is Birth Mother’s Day. For anyone who has been involved in an adoption, this is an opportunity to recognize perhaps the most crucial person involved: the mother who birthed the adopted child. However, it is a day best handled with care and compassion, as circumstances under which the birth mother gave over her child vary greatly from woman to woman. Yours may have been an open adoption, in which you maintain regular contact with the birth mother. Or it may be a contested, closed, or otherwise acrimonious adoption in which contact is either prohibited, unwanted, or impossible.

Regardless of your particular circumstances, there is at least one common theme to all adoptions: your birth mother gave you the greatest of gifts. If you are an adoptive parent, this is your opportunity to deliver a thank you, whether silent and unrecognized, or with a phone call, letter, email, or pictures.  Just remember, compassion and consideration carry the day.