11 Sep Fit Bitten: When your wrist turns against you.

So you think that you are just doing the right thing. Doing what your doctor tells you to do following an accident. Following the advice of your physical therapist.

Well, not always.

Increasingly, insurance company lawyers are using clients’ good intentions against them. If you testify that you are unable to walk without pain, but your fitbit tells a different story, your case can be sunk. Given the fact that remembering your number of steps can be nearly impossible over a period of time, a handy wrist pedometer can be the undoing of a personal injury case. Data use from Fitbits, Garmins, Jawbones, and even smart watches with pedometers unknowingly activated is on the rise in the courtroom.

A recent story from Forbes called the FitBit a “black box” for a human.

The moral of the story is to always tell the truth when in litigation. Even exaggerating the truth a (fit)bit can work against you and be your case’s undoing.