27 Apr Kentucky Enacts Major Change in Custody Laws

On April 26, 2018, Governor Matt Bevin signed a law which significantly changed the laws related to child custody determination. Amid the conflict on other political issues, this legislation flew below the radar. The new law creates a presumption of joint custody and equal parenting...

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26 Feb Social Media & Divorce – A Lot to Dislike

You’re not gonna  this… We don’t like to scare our clients, but sometimes hard truth wakes us up. Think your social media world is private just because you’ve unfriended your estranged spouse? Think again. If you find yourself in the midst of divorce or custody litigation, anything you...

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23 Nov Family Court Judge rules Let ‘em Go

In the famed frozen embryo case, a California Judge has ruled that a contract controls. This ruling will result in the destruction of the frozen embryos that were created by the couple in an IVF procedure. The couple separated following the procedure and have been...

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